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[Winners Announced] New year's pize 《ENJOY A HAPPY NEW YEAR WITH A GOLD BAR FROM CHOW TAI FOOK!》


Appreciate all the customers visiting the Hyundai Department Store duty free.

The winner will be announced the winner of the prize 《ENJOY A HAPPY NEW YEAR WITH A GOLD BAR FROM CHOW TAI FOOK!》.

- Event period: 2019.1.3 - 2.19
- Gifts: Chow Tai Fook pig-shaped Gold bar(100g)
- Number of winners: 2 people
   (This event may be participated in by both Korean and Foreign customers. Winner by 1 person each)

Foreign Winner list (1 person)
name contact
JI ***QING ***-****-5333

- We will contact each winner individually with the phone number and email address entered in the entry.
- If the winner can not be contacted within five days of the notification of the winner's notice, the winner will be automatically disqualified.
- Wi+nners can only receive prizes when they come to Korea. If they do not come to Korea by April 30, 19, they will pass the qualification to the subordinate.
- The airfare and other expenses are the responsibility of the customer.
- In accordance with the Income Tax Act of Korea, if the winner receives more than KRW 50,000, the winner must submit the application form and a copy passport.
  * If the winner lives in Korea, Tax and public dues (22 percent) related to the prizes for this event must be paid by the prize winner.
   after confirmation as prize recipient in order to receive the prize.
- Products can not be transferred or sold to other people.
- Products can not be redeemed for cash or other products.
  This event may be changed or terminated early without notice according to the circumstances of HYUNDAI DEPARTMENT STORE DUTY FREE.
- If there is no contact from Hyundai Department Store Duty Free after announcement of the winner of the official website,
  the winner will be notified within 5 days Please send us an e-mail with the title "Winning the Event". (